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North Haven KindergartenNorth Haven Kindergarten

Children’s Learning

North Haven Kindy garden imagesYour child will be learning through play and ‘intentional teaching’. They will be taught by professional, caring and reflective teachers. The Early Years Learning curriculum Framework will be implemented with a strong focus on supporting your child’s well-being and their literacy and numeracy skills and knowledge. There will be many and varied opportunities for your child to build strong and meaningful connections with the natural environment which is another strong curriculum focus. The staff will be working in partnership with you to achieve successful learning outcomes for your child.


We use the Belonging, Being and Becoming: the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia. This curriculum framework informs our philosophy and practise. The staff team co-construct the curriculum with the children, valuing their ideas and supporting them as they achieve their goals. We work in partnership with the children and their families to ensure each child is developing a strong sense of their identity and wellbeing, connecting with and contributing to their world, are confident and involved learners and have effective communication skills.

The children’s learning journey at kindergarten is a celebration of

  • Belonging- as a member of a family, a community and a culture.
  • Being- a four year old and all the joy and fun that brings
  • Becoming- a confident learner and a responsible global citizen

Our curriculum is engaging and meaningful to each child and reflects their interests and needs. We believe in a balance between play where children are empowered to drive their learning and ‘intentional teaching’ where new concepts are introduced and explored in greater depth and in ways that are inclusive of all children.

We have a strong environmental focus and the children are building strong connections with their world as they explore the lizard and butterfly gardens, watch the development of our frogs, grow vegetables or discover a worm in our worm farm. We identify the literacy and numeracy components in the childrens learning in an ongoing and deliberate way. Children are exploring their understanding and practise of friendship as they play.

We support the gradual transition from home to kindy and from kindy to school through a variety of programmes including, playgroup, funded occasional care and interactions with classes from the school.